Hi. I’m Sarah, and I like to build things.

I’m a former mechanical engineer and I now stay home full-time with my daughter. I thoroughly enjoy woodworking and spend much of my spare time in the garage, slowly working my way through an endless list of things to build. I love when a project gives me an excuse to buy a new tool, and I’m always looking to try out new woodworking techniques to improve my skills and efficiency.

It’s been exciting for me to transition from building things for my own home to creating things for other people as well. It’s really rewarding to take an idea someone has and turn it into a piece they love. I’m looking forward to growing my business and being able to spend more time doing what I love.



Several years ago, I decided I was tired of mass-produced furniture that’s made with cheap materials and doesn’t last. That’s why I started building my own furniture. I started off small with items like a coffee table, little end tables, and a simple headboard. As my skills grew and I acquired more tools, I began to build larger and more involved pieces.

If you’re like me and you’re tired of low-quality big-box-store furniture, I’d love to work with you. Whether it’s something from my portfolio, a DIY you  don’t want to tackle yourself, or an original design idea that you want to bring to life, I’d love to create exactly what you’re looking for! I’m a perfectionist and I only take on jobs that I know I can do right. Send me a photo, a sketch, or your inspiration for an original design. Whatever it is you’re looking for, I’d love to help you bring it to life! Just click here to place an order and we can get started!

Thanks for visiting. I can’t wait to work with you!




Night Owl Furniture is located in Austin, TX. Unless otherwise noted, items cannot be shipped at this time so only local orders are accepted. I really wish this wasn’t the case and I’m sorry for any inconvenience.